About AFCC

About AFCC

Vision Statement

The Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary is a community leader in the advocacy of Aboriginal social and cultural services while serving as a support and community resource to other Aboriginal Service Agencies on the local, provincial and national level. It is their community partnerships with existing agencies which enables the provision of culturally relevant services to the urban Aboriginal peoples of the Calgary Metropolitan Area.

Mission Statement

The Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary is committed to a holistic and traditional approach to the development and provision of services and resources for the Aboriginal peoples of Calgary. We are dedicated to serving in an ethical, community-minded organization, respectful of Aboriginal Cultures and Teachings for the benefit of all Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples.

Purpose & Goals

The Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary is a non-profit organization with a mandate to provide social, cultural, education and employment services to the Aboriginal peoples within the Calgary Metropolitan area. AFCC plays a regular and significant role in the daily lives of our members in many ways: providing care for our children, our elderly, our in need and our homeless; enabling access to cultural and spiritual care; offering referrals for suitable housing, food, clothing, pursuit of education, skill development and training; and building a resourceful Aboriginal community. AFCC’s non-profit family is an expression of how we live, what we value, where we turn for comfort and where we turn when in need.