Martial arts instructor (Taekwondo Instructor)

Master Rim’s Taekwondo Calgary Ltd now hiring Martial arts instructor (Taekwondo Instructor)

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•Co-ordinate and plan Taekwondo related activities
•Plan, instruct and lead classes in Taekwondo for group and individual sessions
•Demonstrate and teach body movements and skills
•Explain principles, methods and techniques used in regulating movement of body, hands
and feet to achieve proficiency
•Instruct students in maintaining exertion levels in order to achieve maximum health
benefits from martial art routines
•Plan exercises for each set of muscles depending on each student’s abilities, Teach
proper breathing techniques used during movement in Taekwondo
•Make changes to the program based on observation and evaluation of students,
Demonstrate and instruct athletic, fitness or sports activities and techniques
•Instruct groups and individuals in arts and crafts, Plan and carry out fitness and
sports activities
•Enforce safety rules and regulations, Schedule activities, Conduct therapeutic recreational or athletic activities.


Black belt in Taekwondo

Other trades certificate or diploma


by mail: 1102-288 St Moritz Dr SW Calgary AB T3H 0Z1
by E-mail: ceo@masterrim.com

Position: Martial arts instructor (Taekwondo Instructor)

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October 14, 2019